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At Norris Roofing, your selection across a variety of products is what makes for the best possible results for your roof. We typically focus on CANADIAN MADE products, but can also import specialty products from the U.S. if required. Some of our products include Shingles, Metal Roofing, Flat Membrane Roofing, Polyurea, and Custom Aluminum (Eavestrough, Downspouts, Soffits, Facia), and Siding. We offer the best quality installation across the Greater Toronto Area at a reasonable rate. 

Norris Roofing's Main Supplier is Danforth Roofing Supply

Norris Roofing values quality materials, warranties, and trusted name brands that translate to peace of mind for every one of it's customers. If you have a Norris Roofing installation on your roof, be sure it's most likely 100% Canadian made (unless specialty items requested) and backed by one of the best waranties on the market!

Danforth Roofing Supply (video)

Some of Our Products


Limited Lifetime Shingles 

Norris Roofing Installs Popular Shingle Products Like:

BP Mystique 

Owens Corning Oakridge

Owens Corning Duration

Owens Corning Designer

GAF Products (Upon Request)


...and more!

Metal Roofing

Norris Roofing's Installs Products from Havelock Metals






Curious if you can afford it? Ask us...


Norris Roofing is in partnership with Canadian Flat Roofing Systems

We provide a greener alternative to the traditional tar and gravel re-roof system. Sprayed on from liquid into a solid, this permanent roof is meant to sustain snow, water, and extreme weather conditions for up to forty years! 

Ask us how we can transform your flat roof today!

Eavestrough, Siding, Facia, Soffits, Window Cladding

Norris Roofing's Aluminum Provider is Gentek

Seamless Eavestroughs 5 Inch Or Larger Available

3x3 Larger Downspouts to Help Water Flow

Gutter Guards Available

Make Your Home Beautiful Again!


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