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Our Commercial Roofing Services

Norris Roofing is one of a handful of companies within Canada offering "green-like" solutions for commercial clients, especially through their polyurea spray application that helps significantly reduce landfill waste while also creating permanent and long-term solution for their roofs. They proudly have served large profit and non-for-profit organizations who may or may not need creative solutions to match their budgets. Particularly, with the use of Polyurea, clients can now enjoy a flame free and greener alternative to the previous products that continue to contribute to CO2 and Fire Hazards (of which many commercial buildings would prefer to avoid).  

Some Our Commercial Customers Include

Commercial Flat Roofing

In Partnership with Canadian Flat Roofing Systems

Polyurea with Foam Application

Adding Foam as a Binding Agent is both powerful and effective for increasing R Value (approx. 6-8 on average) and can also save money also keeping stores open down below (hassle free). This is especially effective when converting an older tar and gravel style. Replacing that normally requires a large mess, and usually debris and/or closing shop. Instead of those layers, the Foam Application with an added Polyurea Topcoat can bind to a relatively clean surface and gets into all the cracks, especially vertical and hard to reach surfaces.  

Polyurea Application In General 

Our process with Polyurea is a safe and effective one that delivers powerful results. Our flameless and seamless spray overtop of existing surfaces or perhaps after removing layers of old roof, can get into every difficult position not normally accessible by flame. This new technology allows for greater control, wall to floor integration, and is much "greener" of a solution both in CO2 output and in terms of waste that fills out landfills. Its a permanent solution that can only requires a light topcoat every 3 or for 4 decades depending on each application. Interested in a Quote? Want some more information? Give us a call or send us an email!


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