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Trusted in Ontario for over 25+ years

What makes Norris Roofing unique?

Across the Greater Toronto Area, Norris Roofing is considered an industry leader in terms of quality and experience. We strive for excellence and have provided countless households, businesses, and non-profit organizations with superior roofing solutions including shingle, flat roof polyurea, flat roof membrane, steel roofing, and more. Our thoughtful approach and long term concern for your roof means we strive to go the extra mile to provide you and your loved ones, employees, etc. We aren't your average roofing company, please check out our online reviews to see for yourself!

Rob Norris Sr.

Is there a Norris Roofing methodology?

We evaluate your current roof condition and are honest about whether you need to replace, repair, or simply wait a few more years!

We always have business because our customers trust we will never lie to them and we often tell them they have X amount of years remaining before replacing their roof.. 

We have very strong referrals most likely people you know

Working in and beyond the Greater Toronto Area, Norris Roofing customers are most likely people you know, perhaps next-door neighbors. Our business is heavily referral-based because once you have experienced Norris Roofing you probably won't go anywhere else! 

Our experience and insight can help tremendously

Sometimes a simple call or inspection can make a world of difference! We do not charge for our expert opinion and advice, so please take advantage of it! In fact, many roofing companies look to us for advice as well, in the Greater Toronto Area Norris Roofing are the roofing industry problem solvers!

We offer THE HIGHEST roofing warranty in Canada!

We stand behind our warranties! Different products offer different warranties but each one we stand behind and honour. People many times call us years later and we are there at their doorstep ready to honour our commitment to high-quality installation and peace of mind by choosing Norris Roofing.

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