Now that you have signed up with Norris Roofing, lets do a walk-through for that day:

  1. We come in with tarps and plywood to protect all doors, windows, garages, etc.
  2. We supply a waste disposal trailer on wheels (so it doesn’t harm the driveway).
  3. We remove all shingles (unless otherwise specified), go down to the wood, inspect the wood, and replace any rotten wood up to 1-2 sheets. Anything more than that we go get more wood and do it at cost.
  4. We apply the new shingles on top of optional ice and water shield or synthetic underlayment usually at our suggestion (based on the individual roofs needs).
  5. We usually replace all vents, plumbing stacks, bathroom vents, and chimney metal (unless otherwise stated).

What do we need from you?

  1. Access to electricity
  2. Access to a water source
  3. Access to a clear driveway (usually no earlier than 8 am).

Now that you are ready, lets take a look at some other options for your roof!

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